Hello everyone

So in my old post i said i would post something up for a valentines day card, but i was very busy working on a cake. Even though its a little late for valentines this will definitely work for any other holiday coming up. 🙂

Basically this is a little card made from felt. I sewed mine with the sewing machine, but if you want to work fast you can definitely just glue everything together 🙂

First materials needed are:
* felt material of any color you would like your card to be
* glue
* paper
* scissors
* pencil

You first start with drawing out your cartoon on paper and this will be you stencil that you will be working with. I made a panda 🙂

After you cut out the stencil you can place it on top of the sheet of felt. Then you can cut out the shape of your cartoon. You will need 2 pieces of the shape of your cartoon. To make it easier you can fold the sheet of felt in half and cut the shape of the cartoon out and you will have two copies.

Afterwards you can start cutting the pieces that should go on top of your cartoon…like the eyes, nose, mouth, and anything else that you would like to put. For the tummy i did not completely close the tummy together i left it looking like a pocket so i could fit the note inside; which is why this is considered a card 🙂

you can also glue pieces on the back of your cartoon just like i did with the panda.

This should be your final product 🙂 enjoy!